22 Best Brunch Spots in Richmond, VA Restaurants — Virginia Family Fun (2024)

Richmond, VA is a vibrant city with a rich culinary landscape, and nowhere is this more evident than in its brunch offerings. Whether you're a local or a visitor, the city's eclectic mix of brunch spots ensures there's something for everyone. From cozy diners serving up hearty comfort food to chic restaurants offering innovative, gourmet dishes, Richmond's brunch scene is both diverse and delicious. In this roundup, we've gathered some of the best places to enjoy brunch in the city, highlighting spots that locals rave about for their unique flavors, warm atmospheres, and exceptional service.

These Richmond brunch spots offer a taste of the city's dynamic food culture. You'll find everything from Southern-inspired classics at Millie's Diner and The Roosevelt to Mediterranean delights at Bar Solita and upscale experiences at The Jefferson Hotel. For those who prefer a more laid-back setting, neighborhood favorites like Dot's Back Inn and Joe's Inn provide a welcoming atmosphere with hearty, satisfying meals. No matter where you choose to have a delicious brunch in Richmond, you're sure to enjoy a memorable meal that captures the essence of our charming city.

Do not stop at brunch though, Richmond Virginia is a great city to eat your way through - start with brunch, but be sure to taste your way through Richmond's cupcake shops, ice cream parlors, best lunch and dinner spots, pizza, and my personal favorite sushi. Richmond's brewery sceneroots run deep, with legends like Legend Brewing Co., which opened in 1994 and remains one of the oldest microbreweriesin Virginia, paving the way for the city's craft beer renaissance.

Today, Richmond boasts a thriving community of breweries scattered across its neighborhoods, particularly in areas like Scott's Addition and Shockoe Bottom, where old warehouses and industrial spaces have been repurposed into lively taprooms. This transformation has not only revitalized these districts but has also cemented Richmond's reputation as a destination for beer tourism. As a Richmond native, I love how many awesome craft breweries we have here and that Richmond has become abeer destination for so many!

1. Millie's Diner

Address: 2603 E Main St, Richmond, VA 23223
Highlights: Known for its eclectic menu and cozy atmosphere, Millie's Diner is a staple in Richmond's brunch scene. This beloved spot draws crowds with its unique and flavorful dishes, such as the Devil's Mess, a spicy egg scramble that packs a punch, and the Lump Crab & Egg Enchilada, a seafood delight that's hard to resist. The ambiance at Millie's is both inviting and vibrant, making it the perfect place to start your weekend. Don't miss out on their mimosa pitchers, which are a brunch essential and perfect for sharing with friends.

2. The Daily Kitchen & Bar

Address: 2934 W Cary St, Richmond, VA 23221
Highlights: Located in the heart of Carytown, The Daily Kitchen & Bar prides itself on offering a menu that emphasizes sustainability, organic ingredients, and the freshest seasonal produce. Their brunch menu is a health-conscious food lover's dream, featuring options like avocado toast, nutrient-packed grain bowls, and refreshing fresh-pressed juices. The outdoor patio is a popular spot for people-watching and catching up with friends and family on beautiful mornings, providing a delightful backdrop to a wholesome meal.

3. Perly's

Address: 111 E Grace St, Richmond, VA 23219
Highlights: Perly's is a Jewish deli-style restaurant that brings a distinctive flair to Richmond's brunch offerings. The menu is filled with traditional and comforting dishes like the Smoked Fish Platter, crispy and golden Latkes, and the rich, indulgent Challah French Toast. The retro decor and friendly atmosphere make dining at Perly's a nostalgic and enjoyable experience, reminiscent of classic delis with a modern twist.

4. Saison

Address: 23 W Marshall St, Richmond, VA 23220
Highlights: Saison offers a brunch experience with a Latin American twist, featuring creative and flavorful dishes that stand out in Richmond's culinary scene. Highlights include the Chilaquiles, a hearty and spicy breakfast favorite, and the Breakfast Arepa, which combines traditional ingredients in a delightful way. Their craft co*cktails are expertly mixed and complement the vibrant flavors of the menu, making Saison a top choice for brunch enthusiasts looking for something different.

5. Lulu's

Address: 21 N 17th St, Richmond, VA 23219
Highlights: Lulu's serves Southern-inspired brunch fare in a chic and cheerful setting, making it a favorite among Richmond locals. The menu boasts delicious options like Chicken & Waffles, which combines crispy chicken with fluffy waffles, Shrimp & Grits, a comforting and savory dish, and the Lulu's Omelette, packed with fresh ingredients. The stylish ambiance and delectable food make Lulu's a standout spot for a leisurely weekend brunch.

6.The Fancy Biscuit

Address: 1831 W Cary St, Richmond, VA 23220
Highlights: If you're a fan of biscuits, The Fancy Biscuit is the place to be. This eatery specializes in gourmet biscuit sandwiches that are both hearty and delicious. The menu features standout options like the Rich Chick, a mouth-watering combination of fried chicken, pimento cheese, and bacon, and the Fancy Goat, which pairs creamy goat cheese with caramelized onions and bacon. Each sandwich is crafted with care, ensuring a perfect balance of flavors that biscuit lovers will adore.

7. Shagbark

Address: 4901 Libbie Mill E Blvd, Richmond, VA 23230
Highlights: Shagbark offers a refined brunch experience with a focus on local ingredients and elegant presentations. The menu includes sophisticated dishes like the Crab Benedict, which features fresh, tender crab meat, and the Duck Confit Hash, a rich and savory option that is sure to satisfy. Complementing the food is a selection of artisanal co*cktails that are as thoughtfully prepared as the dishes themselves, making Shagbark a top choice for a classy and memorable brunch.

8. The Roosevelt

Address: 623 N 25th St, Richmond, VA 23223
Highlights: Located in the historic Church Hill neighborhood, The Roosevelt is known for its Southern-inspired menu and cozy atmosphere. The brunch offerings include delectable items such as the Cornmeal Fried Oysters, which are crispy and flavorful, and the Duck Confit & Grits, a luxurious take on a classic Southern dish. The inviting ambiance and exceptional food make The Roosevelt a beloved spot for brunch among locals and visitors alike.

9. Stella's

Address: 1012 Lafayette St, Richmond, VA 23221
Highlights: Stella's brings the flavors of Greece to Richmond with its delightful brunch menu. Guests can enjoy traditional dishes like Loukaniko, Greek sausage served with eggs, and the sweet and indulgent Baklava Pancakes. Another favorite is the Greek yogurt with honey and fruit, offering a light yet satisfying option. The warm and welcoming atmosphere, paired with the authentic Greek cuisine, makes Stella's a standout brunch destination.

10. Brenner Pass

Address: 3200 Rockbridge St Suite 100, Richmond, VA 23230
Highlights: This Alpine-inspired restaurant in Scott's Addition offers a unique brunch menu that transports diners to the mountains of Europe. Dishes like the Croque Madame, with its rich béchamel sauce and perfectly cooked egg, and the Quiche Lorraine, featuring a flaky crust and savory filling, are highlights. Don't miss their famous Canelé, a caramelized French pastry that's the perfect sweet ending to a brunch at Brenner Pass.

11. Mosaic

Address: 6229 River Road, Richmond, VA 23229
Highlights: Mosaic is known for its contemporary American cuisine with a focus on fresh, local ingredients. The brunch menu features a variety of options, including the Mosaic Omelette, Brioche French Toast, and Shrimp & Grits. The outdoor patio is a great spot to enjoy a meal, offering a pleasant atmosphere for people-watching and catching up with friends and family on beautiful mornings.

12.Bar Solita

Address: 123 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23220
Highlights: Bar Solita offers a Mediterranean-inspired brunch menu that is both vibrant and delicious. Guests can enjoy dishes like Shakshuka, a flavorful tomato and egg dish, Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, which are light and tangy, and the Breakfast Pizza, topped with fresh ingredients. The lively atmosphere and creative co*cktails enhance the brunch experience, making it a popular spot for locals and visitors alike. Additionally, Bar Solita's happy hour is highly recommended, providing a charming vibe and a perfect pre-show destination before heading to an event at the Altria Theater.

13.The Jefferson Hotel

Address: 101 W Franklin Street, Richmond, VA 23220
Highlights: For a luxurious brunch experience, the Champagne Sunday Brunch at The Jefferson Hotel is a must. This opulent brunch features an extensive buffet with an array of seafood, carving stations, made-to-order omelets, and decadent desserts. The grandeur of the hotel's setting, including the iconic grand staircase, adds to the elegance of the experience. Don't reserve this brunch for special occasions only; it's a perfect excuse to dress up and indulge in one of Richmond's finest brunch options.

14. Lillie Pearl

Address: 416 E Grace St, Richmond, VA 23219
Highlights: Lillie Pearl offers a modern take on Southern cuisine, presenting a brunch menu that is both innovative and comforting. Popular dishes include the Fried Chicken Biscuit, which combines crispy chicken with a buttery biscuit, the Crabcake Benedict, a rich and savory option, and the Cinnamon Roll French Toast, which is as indulgent as it sounds. The contemporary setting and flavorful dishes make Lillie Pearl a standout brunch destination in Richmond.

15. Joe's Inn

Address: 205 N Shields Ave, Richmond, VA 23220
Highlights: A Richmond staple institution, Joe's Inn is beloved for its hearty brunch menu and casual, welcoming atmosphere. The menu features favorites like the Greek Omelette, filled with fresh vegetables and feta cheese, the Blueberry Pancakes, which are fluffy and sweet, and the Joe's Special, a satisfying scramble with sausage and green peppers. Known for its friendly staff and community feel, Joe's Inn is a staple where everyone knows your name, making it a great spot for a cozy and delicious brunch.

16. Napa Kitchen and Wine

Address: 1214 E Cary St, Richmond, VA 23219
Highlights: Napa Kitchen and Wine offers a California-inspired brunch menu that emphasizes fresh and vibrant flavors. Signature dishes include Avocado Toast, topped with fresh ingredients, Eggs Benedict, featuring perfectly poached eggs, and a variety of fresh salads. The lively atmosphere is complemented by live jazz music during Sunday brunch, creating a delightful and energizing dining experience that transports guests to the Napa Valley.

17. Pinky's

Address: 3015 Norfolk St, Richmond, VA 23230
Highlights: Pinky's offers a unique and eclectic brunch menu that is perfect for a fun outing with friends. Popular items include the Smoked Salmon Benedict, a delicious twist on a classic, the Breakfast Burrito, which is packed with flavor, and their house-made pastries, which are a sweet treat to start the day. The inviting atmosphere and creative dishes make Pinky's an ideal spot for a relaxed and enjoyable brunch with girlfriends.

18. Dot's Back Inn

Address: 4030 MacArthur Ave, Richmond, VA 23227
Highlights: A beloved neighborhood spot, Dot's Back Inn serves up classic diner-style brunch fare with a twist. The welcoming and nostalgic atmosphere makes it a favorite among locals. Brunch favorites include the Country Fried Steak & Eggs, which offers a hearty start to the day, the Crab Cake Benedict, a flavorful seafood spin on a classic, and the hearty Biscuits & Gravy. The generous portions and comforting dishes make Dot's Back Inn a must-visit for a satisfying brunch experience.

19.Capitol Waffle Shop

Address: 1110 E Main St, Richmond, VA 23219
Highlights: Capitol Waffle Shop is known for its build-your-own waffle bar, where diners can customize their waffles with a variety of sweet and savory toppings. This creative approach makes it a fun and interactive brunch destination. They also offer savory waffle options and breakfast sandwiches for those looking for something different. The casual and vibrant setting adds to the appeal, making it a popular choice for waffle enthusiasts and brunch lovers alike.

20. Brick House Diner

Address: 13520 Midlothian Turnpike, Midlothian, VA 23113
Highlights: Brick House Diner offers a classic American diner brunch experience with generous portions and a friendly atmosphere. Popular items include the Big Breakfast Platter, which comes with all the breakfast essentials, Pancakes that are fluffy and delicious, and the Brick House Benedict, a hearty take on the traditional eggs Benedict. The welcoming service and comforting food make Brick House Diner a great spot for a leisurely brunch with family and friends.

21.SB's Love Shack in Lakeside

Address: 6925 Lakeside Ave, Henrico, VA 23228
Highlights: SB's Love Shack in Lakeside is a cozy spot known for its eclectic menu and laid-back atmosphere. Their brunch offerings include dishes like the Breakfast Quesadilla, which is packed with flavor, French Toast that is perfectly sweet and satisfying, and a variety of unique egg dishes that are sure to please. The casual and quirky setting makes SB's Love Shack a fun and inviting place to enjoy a relaxed brunch.

22.The Savory Grain

Address: 2043 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23220
Highlights: The Savory Grain offers a farm-to-table brunch experience with a focus on fresh, local ingredients. Their menu features items such as the Savory Grain Hash, a hearty and flavorful dish, Chicken & Waffles, which combines crispy chicken with fluffy waffles for a delightful contrast, and the Veggie Frittata, a healthy and delicious option. The emphasis on quality ingredients and the inviting atmosphere make The Savory Grain a top choice for a memorable brunch in Richmond.

Richmond's brunch scene is a testament to the city's diverse culinary landscape and vibrant food culture. Whether you're in the mood for traditional Southern fare, Mediterranean-inspired dishes, or innovative and eclectic creations, there's a brunch spot in Richmond that caters to every palate. The city's brunch offerings are not just about the food; they are about the experience. From the elegant and luxurious ambiance of The Jefferson Hotel to the cozy, laid-back charm of Dot's Back Inn, each restaurant provides a unique atmosphere that enhances the enjoyment of your meal. The local focus on fresh, sustainable ingredients and creative menus reflects the passion and talent of Richmond's chefs and restaurateurs.

Brunch in Richmond is more than just a meal; it's a cherished weekend tradition that brings people together. Whether you're catching up with friends over a mimosa at Millie's Diner, enjoying a family outing at Joe's Inn, or indulging in a gourmet biscuit at The Fancy Biscuit, the city's brunch spots offer a warm and welcoming environment that makes every visit special. With so many outstanding options to choose from, Richmond truly stands out as a brunch lover's paradise. Whether you're a local or a visitor, exploring the diverse and delicious brunch offerings in Richmond is an experience not to be missed.

22 Best Brunch Spots in Richmond, VA Restaurants — Virginia Family Fun (2024)
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