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rtf PRICE THREE" CENTS ANDERSON INDIANA SUNDAY MORNING EBRUARY 4 1917 VOL 89 NO 173 WASHINGTON eb Unusual precautions to protect notifies this government that she joins in the campaign IfX AXTelnz 1 rd 1 1 fart i'Arl'ltr When list' Ml In This Hour All Americans Standing United in Loyalty Attempt to Destroy Torpedo Craft ollowed by "Placing of Armed Guards About Stations Teuton Crews Are Put in Isolated Prisons 7 7 Steps Toward WdfAI Brought Out By Bulletins Kaiser that ruthless sacrifice of American lives and means war Similar action is waiting for 1 Austria NEW YORK Gen? has orders to have every Armory and water shed adquately guarded by the militiamen and Commodore orshew of the Naval militia was ordered to protect all bridges eb 3 It was reported tonight in diplomatic quarters but un confirmed in any American official source that president Wilson in Neutrals of his actionin severing diplo WHITE HOUSE GATES ARE CLOSED CORDON GUARDS PLACED 4 Despot Rule of This Man That May Dye Seas With American BloOd Is Disputed by World WASHINGTON" eb Addltlo nal guards were thrown about the White House today soon after the President delivered his speech to Con gress The gates to the White House grounds were promptly closed and extra police were Stationed to keep any onefrom entering Newspaper men and others with business st th VII A VM VJJUUUUX 7 the hie gi President Wilson were insututea toaay vvneri the president went for an auto drive at 4 with Mrs Wilson there was an extra motorcyle policemen following Lintne guaruing 77 7' ward Geer of New York Was president The HoUsatonlc was3143tons gross and warbullt In Glasgow In1890 She was 238 feet long 40feet wide and twenty feet deep 'AMERICANS ABOARD GALVESTON Tex eb The steamer Housatonic sailed Galveston January 6 for London via Newport News She carried 144200 bushels of wheat from this port At the offices of the Teas Transport $nd Terminal Company agents for the Housatonic It was stated that there were approxb' I mately fifteen Americans in the orew and twenty four of other na tlonaljtlea erti states and tha District ot uajor General John O'Ryan com $iiandlng iha Natloual Guard ot Now i Yolk announced that tho aUlltlanxMi 7 (Continued on Pago Six) 7 DI'PRTMEN'T THE HAST Minor General Leonard Wood com iho ilepai tiuent of tlio aet 7 denied to all callers and pro jhibitfd Jus stall making jiunlc iany irroiuatloii thouwe' I merits of unite under his command 1 'which covers twenty one of the east I YORK EB THE ANNOUNCEMENT TODAY A PIC BREAK WITH GERMY PREPARATIONS OR POSSI ill WI lUtE BY'EXERY BRANCH THE SERVICE UNDER ORDERS PROM THE WAR AND ED AROUND ALL 'kS 4 tCRTS ANU COAST DElENfiiffS WHICH PROTECT TUB APPROACHES To A nv 'lOur RZJA CTI0VS WERE 'TAKEN AT NAVY YRI AND AT GOVERNOR'S ISLAND HEADQUARTERS THE LONDON eb? 3 The Amiri can steamer Houtatonlo has been aunk by a German submarine near the Soilly Islands Th rumor la 1 current that the Houaatonlc was 'Warnlrtg' 77'' Oso WASHINGTON News of the sinking of 1 th Houiatonlo ti created a sensation hsre but state department official pointed out that It would depend entirely upopN the clrc*mstancea whether the In cldent would affect the present situation The Housatonlo'eallod from Gal vetten on January 6 and fromNewport Newa on Jan16 for Lon don Th formally was the Hamburg Amerloai line steamer Georgia and 'American reglatry i was granted to hsr In April 1916 Prior to that time she had been laid up at New Orleans Ince the beginning of tne war It was then announced that thi vessel had been bought on March 29 for $85600 by the Housatonic Steamship Company of which Ed i 'is AMERICAN STEAMER IS SUNK Bl A SUBMARINE WARMER TODAY I frightful expenditure of blood 7 COLDER MONDAY WASHINGTON eb Weather forecast for 0 Barfly cloudy Hundav end Mon day somewhat warmer Sunday south much colder Monday '7 woodrow WUon bpeelal to The Herald 7 INDIANAPOLIS Ind eb 3 The Lower House today enacted the following resolution: WHEREAS News has been received of the severance of Hiplomatic relations 'between man' government 7 WHEREAS The people of the State of Indiana have ever been loyal to our countrv in its hour of strees and emergency and will ingly have responded to the call THEREORE It resolved that the House of Represents t'ves of the General Assembly of the State of Indiana in sessionflflembld do herebv sanction the action of the President of the anj full confidftnea in hift Integrity: nnd na trlotism in the serious ann trying situation which confronts him and that we pledfle to hlm'and to the Conaress ourHdval and patriots support In the crave resoonslbilia es now before them 1 BE IT URTHER RESOLVED That a copy of these resolu tion he forwarded to the President the President t1? SeMte and the sneaker of the mse of Representatives of the United States iy WMSTAIE EXISTS II in vims 1 I his car and an extra secret service mail automobile PREPAHATIONS ME MUKT Attempt to Sink Navy Boat 1 dt dC German Vessels In American Ports Seized PANAMA eb our Hamburg Ame i a line i steamships which have in Ci istobal harbor were seized this afternoon by the Canal zone authorities Nightj harbor" traffic at Christobal has been stopped 'and strict protective measures have been I taken throughout the Canal zone The steamers' seized are the Savoia of 2614 gross tons the Grunewald of 4707 gross tons tbeSachsenwald of 3559 gross Jons and the Prinz Zigismund of 4689 gross tons The vessels have been in the harbor since the beginning of the war 0 PHILADELPHIA eb An attempt was made today tojfcl scuttle the United Statei torpedo 4r boat destroyer Jacob Jones by 0 opening several of her sea co*cks at the Philadelphia navy yard 01 according to unofficial but re ra iable Officials atthe 7 yard refused elther to coflrm or I deny the reports rapwmng out that upon i nstructimUy from 1 Washington a strict censorship had placed upon' all actlvi 1 tres at the avy yarde through out tne cuunuy An nfflrwy nf the Jacob Jones it Continued on Page lva US OUT WAR" BRYAN ASKS PEOPLE TO BEG CONGRESS WASHINGTON eb Wil llnm Jennings Bryan issued a statement tonight addressed to the American people appealing to them to let the president and Congress "know that the people at home protest against entering this war on cither side with its 9 and treasure that tliw are not willing to send ''American sol dlers across the Atlantic to march under the banner of a European monarch or die on Uhl ropean wil In settlement of Eu ropean has invited other Neutrals to follow his course BOSTON eb 3 United States Marshall Mitchell to nightiook physical possession of the North German Lioyah Liner Kron PrinzessinCecelie which has been nominally in since the litiga 'fo tion instituted against i the owners by The National City Bank of New York PHILADELPHIA eb 3 The German auxiliary cruis ers Kron Prinz Wilhelm and 5 Prinz Eitel riederich in Jj terned at the Philadepnia Navy yard were seized by! order of the navy department! early today JLLONDON eb' 3 The Housatonic was submarined nmn thp nffieprs and crew were saved by a British dliUCU blCdUIVl or War America If Vessel Is Submarined I Vi ALIO CIV UA VI hl 1 4 executive offices were 'pasted through a pedal gats aftr they had atlafied ths policemen of their Identity matlC reiaUOnS WHH UunikBiy of unrestricted submarine warfare president made formal announcement his action i to the country and to the world today at a joint session of 'Congress Passports have been handed to Count Bernstorff Ambas sador Gerard with all his staff and all American consuls gfe have been ordered out of Germany 7 All German consuls in the United I marked with frequent crimes and at the severance of have culminated with an act which gsn MESU tw hl heel American government Kae been te ests the United ttes have been currtry 1 States had chargejn Germany havelThese been turned over to vaiicus neutrals 4 Twoyear oUdpTomaticnegotiation I (Continued On PageUp) TTT A PTTT1 T'iXT T7T7T5 7 1 1 MIC YV Adilin 1 U1N) riLO iiwiuun nuouuuw off diplomatic relations with Germany ana warnea urn The Anderson IULLUWLU DI Hullvli LOOKING TO ATTACKS 7 7 Greets AnnouhcemM ident With Cheers and Steps Are Ini mediately Taken to Carry Out Policy Envoys Given Passports and American Officials Recalled laMIlKulvBH 'I $7 I 'I I I 1I8 a Ik Tv? I J1 I Iasaz TOi 1 I 1 5 i 77 1 I I "St LW 'w)6Yl I ip 7 I 7 Ki MKZ Jfe n3 7 7 1 MB' I a 'sMK'v1HK9n It BB Xl yj TMMH7T7AT1 ww wW 71 7 f7txw 1 vu 7 7 I 41 I 4 AIS nt 4 7 1 I ssfe ra 7 I.

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