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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER, 20, 1918. THE ANDERSON HERALD November's Last Special Offerings for Friday Dollar Day Many items special at just a dollar and many others throughout the store on which your savings are many times a dollar Suits, Coats, Dresses Decidedly Underprice Garments that are as fashionable as they are seasonable and as servicable as they are reasonable continued warm weather makes the suit question as vital as ever and you should not fail to see the models we THE $9 98, $12.98 and $15.98. They are part of an unusual special purchase and among them are showing at $7.98, the higher priced lines marked down io meet the extremely low price, These suits are all you same belted models, all have the short jaunty skirts. Materials are of Men's Wear Serge, All Wool Poplins, will find many from new, are Diagonals and Fancy Mixtures. Tailoring, trimming and styles are the best.

New Suits at $25.00 to $40.00 not miss seeing our showing are of such splendid line and most advanced winter styles Tailored to define the figure Velvets, Broadcloths, in winter's of suits at these prices. newness of style. In fact are embodied in these garfrom Serges, Whipcord, newest shades. Showing of Dresses now at Its to $40.00 All the latest conceits of fashion of dresses and from the "splendid creation in Taffata and of smart fashion is present. Them $40.00 look around.

It won't take of models shown here. We belted models that have the Coats of Plush, Broadmedium and long. Coats, Priced No need to take our you long to decide for yourself feature the smartest innovation touch of military, and yet cloths, Corduroy and Fancy Hundreds of from $9.98 to word on this coat question. Just if you will see the hundreds of the winter season. The militant only in stunning style.

Mixtures. All models, short, Scarfs One rack of Skirts Corduroy and Angora Serge Caps--all Colors Great values at $1 A Set 1.50 $3.98 are seen in our large colsimplest dress of serge to the Chiffon," the unmistakable We do take a justifiable Sweaters pride in the Blouses we sell at $2.00, for they really Children's red and the white only are so greatly superior to ordinary $2.00 Blouses. 59c to 2.00 It doesn't just happen that we have such splendid Blouses to sell at this price- it comes as a result of our willingness to codreds operate of with other the good merchants manufacturer, (just and one hun- in Women's In Red every value city) in in the such Blouses- a -in manner style as to put workman- add- Green and Grey ed ship- fit and finish- in all that goes to The Welworth Blouse at $2.00 is sold here make a Blouse -they really do excel. $2 to $8 exclusively. 10c Percale 14 yards 10c Toweling 12 yds.

$1 10c Muslin 15 yds. $1.00 for $1.00 For Friday, Dollar Day, a heavy un- For Friday, Dollar Day, we offer a bleached linen toweling, 17 in. wide, for fine yard wide bleached muslin, better For 8 1-3c a yard, or 12 yards for $1.00, is than Hope, sells regular 10c a yard, for Friday, Dollar Day, a lot of dark colors in yard-wide percales, $1.00. very cheap at 10c a yard. 7c a yard, or 15 yards for $1.00.

selling 10c a yard, for 71-2c, or 14 yards for O. between ninth and toner $1.89 Coating Silk for The For Friday, 1.00 Dollar Day, a our yard-wide yd. heavy Coating to Silk, in black, for $1.00 a yard instead of $1.89. $1.25 BLACK SILK FOR 69c A YARD. For Friday, Dollar Day, a $1.25 black messalin, yard wide for one day only 69c a yard.

$2.00 and $1.50 Dress Goods $1.00 A YARD. For Friday, Dollar Day, we offer 8. pieces of all wool novelties dress goods selling regular $2.00 and $1,50 a yard, for $1.00 a yard, 50 and 54 inches wide, suitable for skirts, suits and coats. $2.00 DRESS SILKS $1.00 A YARD. FOR FRIDAY, DOLLAR DAY we place on sale a lot of 40 inch all silk, brocaded charmeuse and crepe de chines, selling regular at $2.00 a yard, for $1.00 a yard, mostly every wanted color in the lot.

$2.00 AND $1.00 WHITE CREPE THREE YARDS FOR $1.00 For Friday, Dollar Day, a fine imported 45 in. embridered dot crepe and plain crepe voile; former priced regular the latter to close for 35c the yard, or 3 yards for $1.00. 12 1-2c DRESS GINGHAM 12 YARDS FOR $1.00. For Friday, Dollar Day, you get our entire line of 12 1-2c dark colored Dress Ginghams, all new fall patterns for 81-3c a yard, or 12 yards for $1.00. FLANNELETTES, 13 YARDS $1.00.

For Friday, Dollar Day, our, entire line 10c dark colored. flannelettes for house dresses, a quality you have been paying 12 1-2c a yard for; for the day 8c a yard, or 13 yards. for $1.00. $1.00 BLANKETS 69c FOR A PAIR. For Friday, Dollar Day, our $1.00 line of Violet and Florence brands of cotton blankets, heavily napped, size 68x76 in.

for 69c. the pair. 25c WHITE MADRAS WAISTING 6 YARDS FOR $1.00 For Friday, Dollar Day, a 25c white Madras Waisting or Shirting, for 17c a yard or 6 yards for a $1.00. 50c SWEATERS 3 FOR $1.00. For Friday, Dollar Day, a line of men's and boys' heavy ribbed Sweaters, men's are grey; boys' in navy and cardinal for one day only, 35c each or 3 for $1, instead of 50c.

MEN'S $1.25 SWEATERS $1. For Friday, Dollar Day, our $1.25 line of heavy wool mixed Sweaters for $1.00, made with collars; colors are cardinal, brown, navy and oxford. $1 OFF ON LOT MEN'S BATH ROBES. For Friday, Dollar Day, you can buy this lot of Men's Bath Robes in the following prices less One at $6.50 for four at $4.50 for four at $4.00 for seven at $2.50 for one at $2.75 for $175. OUTING FLANNEL 12 YARDS FOR $1.00.

For Friday, Dollar Day, we place on sale our best standard outing flannel in dark coloring only, $1.00 for 12 yards or 81-3c regular 10c a yard. HUNTERS GET MANY RABBITS HUNDREDS OF MEN SPEND THANKSGIVING DAY IN FIELDS AND WOODS. HOSPITALITY SHOWN BY FARMERS Hundreds of hunters scattered themselves over the county beginning in the wee small hours yesterday morning and tapering off with a few stragglers who entered the fields and woods during the afternoon. And according to reports last night, a large number of rabbits will form of the menu in Madison homes during the next few days. Few puail were shot, it is said.

The spirit of Thanksgiving prevailed during the day for many farmers "loosened up" before the requests for permission to hunt on their farms and several requests for permission to hunt on their farms and several even went 80 far as to supply the hunters with Thanksgiving luncheons. Show Real Hospitality. In several instances reported last night, farmers displayed Madison county hospitality by regaling the nimrods with cider of superior quality. As a result, the hunters were Very careful in shooting in the Ity of- livestock and farmer buildings. No destruction of property or complaints about the hunters have as yet been reported.

Favorable Weather. Favorable weather brought the hunters out at an early hour in great numbers. Local restaurants did a big business in early morning breakfests and in supplying nimrods with light lunches for the day. A shower Was predicted for the day, but precipitation failed to come as per schedule, giving the sportsmen an ideal day. With the rising temperature, rabbits made their appearance in the Lunters' paths and marksmanship was put to a test.

Some of the sportsmen were amply repaid for their time and what little trouble a few of them encountered from landowners who had closed their preserves. FIRES THANKSGIVING DAY Two Calls for Department, But Losses Are Slight. Fire called No. 1 department to the Long cleaning establishment on Meridian street yesterday. The blaze started in the pressing room but was extinguished before the department arrived.

The damage was slight, Boys and matches accidentally set fire to a shed at the Austin property at the corner of Fourth and Locust street yesterday. The shed was badly damaged. No. 4 fire company answered the call. POULTRY SHOW PREMIUM LIST Will H.

Heritage Preparing ListNew Show. Rooms. Will H. Heritage is getting out the premium list for the Anderson poultry show to be held January 18-22. It will be necessary for the Madison County Poultry Association to rent another room than the one used last year for the poultry show.

A grocery is moving into the Knight Hennings block where the show was last year. MAY AFFECT LOCAL GREEKS Letter Suggest All ay be Called to Colars. Special The Herald. ALEXANDRIA, Nov. Gus Pancol, a member of the Greek colonv here, says all Greeks in the United States may be called -to the colors a short time, according to a letter he has received from a friend in New York.

WOMAN SEVERS ARTERY. While cutting a pumpkin, Mrs. Carl. Cherrington, 1304 Central avenue, severed an artery in her left wrist when the knife slipped. WHOLE SKUNK FAMILY.

Special Herald. ROCHESTER, Nov. -Ike Moosman trapper, dug nine skunks out of one hole near the Tippecanoe river, north of Rochester. He sold the pelts for $25. RUPTURE EXPERT HERE Seeley, Patronized by U.

S. Army and Navy, Called to Anderson, F. H. Seeley of Chicago and Philadelphia, the noted truss expert, will be at the Grand Hotel and will remain in Anderson Friday only, Dec. 3.

Mr. Seeley says: "The Spermatic Shield is now used and approved by the United States Government will not only retain any case of rupture perfectly, affording immediate and complete reliet, but closes the opening in ten days on the average case. This instrument received the only award in England and in Spain, producing results without surgery, injections, medical treatments or prescriptions. Mr. Seeley has documents from the United States Government, Washington, D.

for inspection. All charity cases, without charge, or if any interested call he will be glad to show same without charge or fit them if desired. Business demands present stopping at any other in this section. INVESTIGATING LOSS DOLLAR FROM LETTER Postoffice Inspector Stewart, of Indianapolis, was in Anderson yesterday, examining several persons In regard to the alleged disappearance of $1 from a letter sent the Gospel Trumpet Company recently. The letter was received by N.

H. Byrum, secretary of Gospel Trumpet Company, from the registry window. Mr. states that he opened the envelope, with a letter opener from the removed a letter star ing that $1 was inclosed. He then die covered that the end of the envelope had been neatly clipped, as if pair of shears.

There was no money, money order, nor check in the envelope with the letter. The letter came from Ottsville, from a person purchasing books from the Gospel Trumpet Company. The penalty for rifling the mails is $500 fine and a prison sentence of five years. FUNERAL OF MRS. REMY Takes.

Place at First M. E. Church This Afternoon. The funeral of Mrs. B.

Milton Remy, will take place at 2 p. m. today with mother, of Perry and Ftank Remy, services at the First M. E. church and burial in Maplewood cemetery.

The funeral party will leave Indianapolis about noon and come to Anderson in a special car on the Union Traction line. The death of Mrs. Remy occurred at 2 p. m. Wednesday at the home of her son, Perry Remy, 3247 North Meridian street.

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Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana (2024)
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