HPE 877746-B21 SSD – High Performance and Reliability | Northland Systems (2024)

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  • Model: 877746-B21
  • Detail: The 877746-B21 HPE Server 2.5" Hard Drive is a 480GB SATA 6G Read Intensive SFF SC SSD with digitally signed firmware, offering exceptional performance and reliability for heavy workloads with enhanced data transfer speeds.

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The HPE 877746-B21 Server Hard Drive is an investment in efficiency and reliability. Designed with read-intensive applications in mind, it supports high transaction workloads and delivers fast I/O speeds to reduce bottlenecks, making it ideal for businesses aiming for maximum server uptime and performance. With a storage capacity of 480GB, the drive can handle significant amounts of data while maintaining consistent performance. The SATA/600 interface ensures compatibility with a wide range of HPE servers and systems. A 3-year warranty, coupled with digitally signed firmware, offers peace of mind, indicating that the product is backed by HPE’s confidence in its durability and stability. Integrating this hard drive into your server array will provide a noticeable improvement in response times, serving more transactions per second, which is crucial for data centers, financial transactions, and any environment where data speed and integrity are paramount. Quality and trust in storage are vital, and HPE’s track record in producing enterprise-level hardware means investing in the 877746-B21 SSD is a step toward a more efficient and robust IT infrastructure.

HPE Server Enterprise Hard Drives offer the highest level of performance and reliability for your most demanding application workloads. Enterprise drives help you improve server response times, power more transactions per second and accelerate data transfer (I/O) speeds.

Quick Specs

Figure 1 shows the appearance of 877746-B21.

Table 1 shows the Quick Specs.

Product Name


Product Description

HPE 480GB SATA 6G Read Intensive SFF (2.5in) SC 3yr Wty Digitally Signed Firmware SSD

Product Type

Solid State Drive

Technical Information

Storage Capacity



Drive Interface


Drive Interface Standard


Physical Characteristics

Drive Type


Drive Width



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Why Choose 877746-B21 – HPE Server 2.5″ Hard Drive from Northland Systems

Purchasing the 877746-B21 HPE Server 2.5″ Hard Drive from Northland Systems means investing in a product that strikes the perfect balance between affordability and quality. These drives provide top-tier performance, and with Northland Systems, customers benefit from wholesale prices alongside a 100% Low Price Guarantee. This assures buyers that they are receiving the best value without any compromise on the product’s quality.

Free CCIE Expert Support

Northland Systems distinguishes itself by providing unparalleled customer support. With free expert CCIE technical support, clients gain access to a wealth of knowledge and assistance, ensuring that their HPE server infrastructure operates seamlessly. This service is a testament to Northland’s dedication to customer satisfaction and adds significant value without additional costs.

Secure and Flexible Buying Experience

Security and flexibility are paramount in the purchasing process. Northland Systems guarantees this with secure payment methods and flexible shipping options, all within a trusted environment certified by McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured. Customers can transact with the assurance of safety and convenience at every step.

Guaranteed Authenticity and Prime Condition

Every HPE server hard drive stocked, including the case in point—877746-B21—undergoes rigorous testing by Cisco-certified engineers. Northland certifies the authenticity and superb condition of their products, offering them in “New Sealed” or “Used / Refurbished” categories to meet diverse requirements while ensuring reliability.

Building Customer Confidence

The 100% Money Back Guarantee serves as a statement of trust and confidence in Northland Systems’ offerings. With this promise, customers have peace of mind knowing that their satisfaction is paramount and their investment is protected.

Two Decades of Market Presence and Discounts

Navigating through the realm of Servers > HPE Servers, Northland Systems capitalizes on its extensive experience, dating back to 1997, to offer significant discounts. Clients leverage this long-standing reputation for reliable service alongside the economic benefits of reduced pricing.

Choose Pre-owned Hardware for Multiple Benefits

Opting for pre-owned hardware like HPE Server Hard Drives poses numerous advantages. Clients enjoy substantial cost reductions, swift delivery, and full warranty coverage. Moreover, choosing refurbished equipment underscores an environmental commitment and grants access to legacy parts ensuring long-term business stability.

Leveraging Benefits with Pre-owned HPE Server 2.5″ Hard Drives

By selecting Northland Systems for your HPE Server Hard Drives needs, you tap into an ecosystem where excellence and value converge—facilitated by a team of dedicated professionals and a company ethos that prioritizes customer contentment above all else.

HPE 877746-B21 SSD – High Performance and Reliability | Northland Systems (2024)
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