The Beauty & The Beast - Chapter 8 - CupcakePuppy (2024)

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Vi growled, hearing her phone’s alarm. Why was it already time to wake up? Couldn’t she skip school? That’d be so great. It wasn’t like school was necessary, right? Yeah, f*ck school! f*ck the university! And f*ck that hot Kiramman chick! Okay, maybe… Maybe not only like that? Maybe… Maybe it’d be great to… Wait what? What the hell?! No! No no no no no!!! The redette shook her head, catching it in both hands. Why the f*ck was she thinking that? Okay, the woman was damn hot and beautiful and attractive and…

She sighed. Caitlyn was a Human, but she could always find her pretty, right? It wasn’t making her a traitor to her race, right? And objectively… She indeed was beautiful. Her intense cerulean eyes… Her tough but sweet look… Her tooth gap… Her silky navy blue hair… Her long legs… And those hot curves! The Hybrid bit her lip, painting in her mind the top student’s figure. She opened her eyes wide, understanding what she was doing. What the hell? Why was she thinking of her? Sitting up on her bed, the Wolf woman sighed deeply, finding herself pretty stupid. She facepalmed herself.


Oh yeah… She forgot she was wounded from last night’s events. Oh! Wait! That’d be a great reason to skip school! Being too injured so she had to stay at home and rest to recover! She was already known as a troublemaker so why would she care? Yeah, no. She couldn’t do that. She promised herself to not lie, to never hide who she was, she was proud of being a Hybrid and a gang member, and their leader. But she never wanted to use her rebel activities as an excuse to wag unless it was necessary. And to be honest… her rib’s wound was still fresh, too much for her to not take it slow at least for one day. Jinx would be mad at her, and Vander would surely lock her up in the apartment for an entire week, if they both find out she wasn’t cautious. Skipping school was sweet, but she didn’t want to disappoint nor make people she loves sad.

Vi grabbed her smartphone, looking for Caitlyn’s number. How to say that… She had to find the right words so the top student wouldn’t think she was using her health condition to wag. The redette felt weird… at first, it was great, she had a perfect excuse to skip school. But the more she thought about it, the more it felt off. She HAD to not go to school, not because she didn’t want to go to the uni, but because she HAD to rest. And now, she was secretly hoping Kiramman wasn’t going to be mad at her and call off her tutoring.

Vi 6:42am

hey Cupcake

so hm…

am not coming to school today

got into a fight and am pretty wounded

got stabbed

gotta rest

i promise am not lying

That should do it, right? She didn’t know why, but the redette stared at her screen, praying for the bluenette to answer quickly and to not be mad at her. She didn’t want to ruin her chances about hockey. Yes, that was the only reason. Hockey! Why was she feeling odd about Caitlyn’s reaction? It was only because she was worried it could ruin her chances about the hockey club! Everything was clear now!

f*cking tutor 7:01am

What?? Are you kidding me, Vi Lane?

How did you get into a fight again?

With who this time? And you’re telling me

you got stabbed? Are you in the hospital

right now? Are you okay? What happened?

Wow… That was definitely unexpected. Vi was sure Caitlyn would yell at her, maybe even insult her for wagging. But being worried about her? She would have never ever thought that… She didn’t feel guilty but still. Well…

Vi 7:13am

don’t ask k?

just know that i’m alive and all

it’s just a tiny wound i’ll heal

f*cking tutor 7:18am

Fine. I know you won’t tell me anything.

You don’t trust me enough. I respect that.

Rest well then. I will take notes for you until

you can come back to the university.

Vi 7:22am

no scolding for waggin?

no meeting for tutoring?

f*cking tutor 7:27am

You need to rest to heal correctly, Vi.

If you really want me to tutor you,

we can still meet at a café. Tell me

when it will suits you.

Vi 7:29am

meeting out of uni?

it’s a date then

f*cking tutor 7:33am

Let’s settle this and meet tomorrow, after

the class. Does that sounds good for you?

Vi 7:35am


not tonight?

thought you were eager to teach me

f*cking tutor 7:39am

We can’t meet today. I am busy tonight.

Busy? With what? f*ck. And more importantly, why was it bothering her? Why was she wondering about that? She wanted nothing more but to ask her the reason. She didn’t want to do that… But she also wanted to. What was wrong with her? She shouldn’t care. She MUSTN’T care!

Vi 7:51am


what busy?

f*cking tutor 7:54am

It’s none of your business, Vi Lane.

We’ll meet after tomorrow’s class

for your tutoring. Don’t be late.

Have a nice day.

And with this message, this “Have a nice day”, the Wolf woman understood the conversation was over. Who did she think she was, this Human? Giving orders! No way! She wasn’t going to get away with it! Oh no no no.

Vi stood up from her bed, pacing up and down, trying to find the best way to get her answers. She wasn’t going to worm it out of the top student, she got that clear with the sharp tone of the bluenette’s message. And who would have thought someone would be brave enough to stand against a violent Hybrid like the redette? They were all sh*tting their pants when she was showing they shouldn’t piss her off. She smiled, remembering all her enemies’ faces, begging for mercy, on their knees. But Caitlyn? She was unshakable. And it was all new for the gang leader, so much it unsettled her.

“Gotta follow her…” she mumbled. “I’ll find what you’re doing, Cupcake, what’s making you not fearing me.”

She needed to know… This woman was troubling. But for now, best thing to do was to rest and tend to her wounds.


The same day, 5pm.

Wearing a black jacket, hood on her face, the Wolf woman was now waiting at the exit of the university. She knew Caitlyn’s class, their class, was over at 5pm. So she was going to leave the school at any moment now… Once she’ll spot her, she’ll follow her furtively. That was her plan. It wasn’t in her habits, and the redette was still feeling off doing such thing. Usually, it was because she had a prey to catch. But for the top student? She was… she didn’t know why, but she definitely wanted to know why she was that busy she couldn’t tutor her this day. It’s not like she wanted her lessons. So why stalking her?

“I’m f*cking stupid…” she tought, gritting her fangs. “I should be home and…”

The woman showed up, this slender silhouette, beautiful and… Vi shook her head. Why the f*ck she was staring at her? She was here to get answers, not to check her out. But a shiver of anger ran down the redette’s spine. Who was this guy with her? It wasn’t someone she knew, he wasn’t a classmate. This man was tall, taller than Caitlyn, with dark brown hair, a tanned skin, and he looked like he was also coming from the upper class of the society.

She was… smiling? Laughing even? Why? What did he tell her to make her be so bright and beautiful? She never was like that with Vi. Well… She didn’t do something to make this happen so… But why did she feel like that? This ugly sensation… She pricked up her ears, trying to get what they were talking about, coming closer but staying out of sight as much as possible.

“You’re such a dummy, Jayce, you shouldn’t say something like that,” Caitlyn chuckled.

“Oh I’m not! Come on, Cait, I know you think the same as me. Just admit it, confess yourself!”

“No way! At least, not here…” the bluenette blushed.

“Hoho! I won! You’re blushing!” laughed Jayce.


“I knew I could make your face all red,” the man was proud of himself. “It’s been a while since you last let go. You’re so cute.”

“I’m not…” She looked away, embarrassed.

“No wonder why all those guys are pursuing you. Don’t they know?”

“No. And I do not want to. I prefer to keep my private life… private.”

“I can understand… But maybe you should at least give them some clues? Maybe they’ll give up on courting you?”

“Or it would be worse,” she sighed in disbelief.

“If this happens, call me, I’ll protect you.” He kissed her cheek, talking softly. “You can always count on me, Cait.”

“I know… Thank you for always being here for me, Jayce.”

Vi’s claws scratched the wall. Who was he thinking he was? He was touching her, kissing her cheek, making her smile and laugh and saying all those words… Who was this Jayce for Caitlyn? Her boyfriend? Probably… But why was she wanting to hurt him badly? Punch him until he would bleed, erase this smile from his face, rip his tongue off, cut his hands… The Wolf woman felt anger rising in her whole body, growling, fighting herself against the desire to assault the man and send him to hospital, make him understand to not challenge the Hybrid. So that’s what the top student was busy with? A date with this hateful guy? He was more important than her?

“Oh my! I didn’t know it was so late,” said the bluenette, looking at her phone. “I’m going to be late if I don’t rush.”

“Really? Already almost 5:30? Jeez, you should go. I don’t want to make you late for your training.”

Training? thought Vi. Training for what?

“Yes, thank you. Let’s hang out someday, shall we?”

“So eager to hear me talk about your dear science teacher?” smiled Jayce.

“I think the one who’s the most eager to talk about him is you, Jay’,” teased the woman.

“Touché. Text me when you’ll have free time, okay?”

“Will do.”

“Good. Practice well, Caity! See you later!”

“See you later!” she waved back, before heading quickly to another section of the campus.

Now was her chance! That was the best moment to talk to her, since that Jayce guy was going the other way Caitlyn was. Vi smirked, following her. Where was she going…? Not home? Not the library? Wait a minute… The Hybrid knew what this place was. The campus’s skating rink. Was she having an appointment with Sevika?

She entered the place, not going to the lockers, her attention caught by the many voices from the biggest room. And when she discovered it, she stopped in awe.

The rink itself was a vast, smooth expanse of gleaming ice, meticulously maintained to provide the perfect surface for skating. The ice shimmers under the bright lights, creating a mirror-like finish that reflects the activity above. The perimeter of the rink was lined with sturdy, clear plexiglass boards, ensuring safety while allowing spectators an unobstructed view. The overhead lighting was bright and evenly distributed, illuminating the entire rink with a clean, white light that enhances the clarity of the ice. These lights were positioned in large, industrial fixtures hanging from the high ceiling, designed to prevent shadows and ensure that every corner of the rink was well-litted. Around the rink, there were seating areas for spectators, comprising rows of bleachers or comfortable chairs. These seats were strategically placed to provide the best view of the ice, allowing family, friends, and fans to watch the skaters. The seating area might be adorned with team banners, advertisem*nts, and vibrant decorations, adding to the lively atmosphere.

It was just perfect… The biggest skating rink where Vi ever been. If this was the place were she was going to practice hockey, even play games, she was going to feel so lucky. It definitely made her willing to study harder to show her new coach that she was worth skating on this ice in this marvelous place! She could already hear the crowd cheering her team, chanting her name, encouraging her during her play.

“Kiramman!” yelled a voice. “You’re almost late.”

“I apologize, Ms. Glasc.”

“No need to. I said you were almost late, not that you are. Now, get on the ice and get ready for practice.”

Vi’s eyes opened widely. Caitlyn was… stunning in her outfit. Her dress was a masterpiece of design, crafted from shimmering navy blue satin adorned with intricate lace appliqués that sparkled under the lights. Swirls of silver thread traced elegant patterns across the bodice, catching the light as she moved. The neckline dipped gracefully, revealing just a hint of collarbone, while sheer mesh sleeves hugged her arms snugly, allowing freedom of movement without sacrificing elegance. The dress flowed into a layered skirt that cascaded in gentle waves, each layer edged with delicate scalloped lace that fluttered with every twirl. The top student was wearing matching gloves, their fingertips adorned with tiny crystals that caught the light like stars against the midnight sky. Her tights, a sheer ivory, elongated her legs and provided a subtle contrast to the brilliance of her dress. Completing her ensemble were her skates, gleaming in the corner like silver blades of precision. Custom-fitted boots hugged her ankles securely, providing the support she needed for the intricate footwork and daring jumps she would perform on the ice. With her hair swept up into an elegant bun secured by a crystal-studded hairpin, her makeup was light. A touch of rosy blush highlighted her cheeks, while shimmering eyeshadow accentuated her eyes, reflecting her determination and excitement.

“Oh… f*ck… she is… gorgeous…” whispered Vi, her eyes glued on Caitlyn.

The Beauty & The Beast - Chapter 8 - CupcakePuppy (1)

The Beauty & The Beast - Chapter 8 - CupcakePuppy (2024)
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