YBOR ARTS TOUR — Tempus Projects (2024)





Tempus Projects is excited to participate in the inaugural Ybor Arts Tour! Come see our new spaces at the Kress building, including Gabriel Ramos’s exhibition Nestled in Shadows at Tempus Volta, and learn about our current RFP for Drift.

Join 10 participating arts venues in Ybor City for a special arts tour! Start at the HCC Ybor City Campus to grab a wristband, map and parking pass* and then explore the various locations on the tour. Each venue will offer different experiences. See the full list for venues and times below!

*Parking passes available to pick up at HCC from 5-8PM only.

1 · Gallery114@HCC Ybor City Campus · 1411 E 11th Ave · 5-7PM

Hillsborough Community College Art Galleries presents Sanctuary, a solo exhibition by Wanda Raimundi-Ortiz. Her new works in sculpture and performance portraits create a space of healing and refuge that intertwine with themes related to nature, hair culture, social politics, and urban-futurism. Hear the artist speak about her work at 6 p.m. on campus. Start at Gallery114 for free parking + wristbands!

2 · The Bricks · 1327 E 7th Ave · 6-8PM + After-Party @ 9:30PM!

The Bricks is a restaurant and event space. Their current event space exhibition, titled In Search of…, features artwork from local artists Jaurice Moore, Ron Simmons, and Joerod “Surreal Styles” Collier. Head to The Bricks for an after-party with drink and food specials just for Ybor Arts Tour attendees! Attendees with wristbands will receive 50% off food and drink + complimentary appetizers.

3 · Ybor Art Colony · 1521 1/2 E 7th Ave, #7 · 6-8PM

The Ybor Arts Colony is a diverse group of academic and self-taught artists practicing in a wide range of mediums and disciplines. Artists include Marilyn Binder Silverman, Elizabeth Fontaine-Barr, Karol Batansky, Ron Watson, Lynn Manos, Damien LaRue, Alex Torres, Greg Latch, Stefan Marmon, Jim Sykes, and Eric Ondina.

4 · Kress Building · 1624 E 7th Ave, 2nd Floor Annex · 7-9PM

4a · Department of Contemporary Art Tampa, FL · 1624 E 7th Ave, Ste 237

Department of Contemporary Art Tampa, FL is the living room of arts and culture in Tampa Bay. A multidisciplinary exhibition, critique, performance, and discussion space, DoCA Tampa, FL is a resource for artists across media, an incubator of new ideas, and a nexus of Tampa's cultural avant-garde.

4b · Drift + Tempus Volta, Tempus Projects · 1624 E 7th Ave, Ste 236 + 239

Tempus Projects is dedicated to nurturing established and emerging local, national, and international artists through exhibitions, collaborations, residencies, and events. Tempus Volta is a project space that encourages experimental works and emerging artists. Drift is dedicated to presenting exhibitions by independent curators.

4c · Parachute Gallery · 1624 E 7th Ave, Ste 240

Parachute Gallery is an exhibition and micro-retail space with a focus on Crafts media. Parachute Gallery aims to highlight underrepresented regional artists, amplify diverse voices without tokenizing perspectives, and elevate Crafts media in Tampa and nationally.

4d · QUAID · 1624 E 7th Ave, Ste 241

QUAID is an artist cooperative art gallery with a focus on contemporary artists creating mixed media exhibitions. Programs are curated and implemented by cooperative members, who are all artists working in Tampa: Neil Bender, Eleanor Eichenbaum, Cynthia Mason, Justin Nelson, Sam Newton, Anthony Record, Emiliano Settecasi, and Jessi Sherbet.

4e · Screen Door · 1624 E 7th Ave, Ste 228

Screen Door is a microcinema in Ybor City.

5 · Factory on Fifth · 2710 E 5th Ave · 5-8PM

Factory on Fifth is an 8,550 sq. ft. industrial artist and event space. FoF is growing a community of local artists by offering a more dynamic and community-driven space with the aspirations of inspiring more creativity and ingenuity in the local artists of Ybor and the greater Tampa Bay area.


Tempus Projects is dedicated to nurturing established and emerging local, national, and international artists through exhibitions, collaborations, residencies, and events. Our non-profit organization promotes artists working in all media, and develops, organizes, and hosts exhibitions that engage the Tampa Bay community through the arts.

Our vision is to foster a vibrant and critical arts nexus that connects grassroots efforts to an international arts dialogue through innovative, equitable programming. Tempus Projects is committed to inclusion, accessibility, collaboration, innovation, and integrity.

YBOR ARTS TOUR — Tempus Projects (2024)
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